Britney Spears Revamps Her Instagram to Be Just as Shitty as the Rest of Us

Since I had my first 6-disc CD changer comprised of the Spice Girls, NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears has been something of an enigma to me. She was the girl who wore whatever she wanted. She could date Justin Timberlake. She could inspire Chris Crocker to tears. She could have a very public breakdown and still come back from it.

I haven’t always been supportive of Britney the way I should have, but with her newest venture in the age of media stardom (certainly not around at her peak), I offer my fullest support in extending my finger to the follow button and opening up my heart to new judgmental heights.

Previously Britney’s Instagram existed as a hub for ads, shameless self-promotion and all the other bullshit that the people who obsess over her would already know. Now, Britney has taken to her Instagram still leaving quality as an item of the past but growing in sincere quantity. Pictures of her boys. Pictures of her home. Food porn. An overkill of ‘word porn.’ Stock Google images with ‘inspirational’ captions. Shitty selfies to keep the fans wanting more. Endearing enough. Buck your social media manager.

No need for perfect lighting. No need for perfect timing. Welcome photo dumps. Welcome grainy front facing cameras. Welcome your stomach contents to the screen.

Whatever she’s doing… she’s doing it, so meet Britney below:

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