C-SPAN Caller Asks to S**t in Congressman’s Mouth

Prank calling doesn’t happen enough. The closest thing to a prank call that I have received in my lifetime has been the all-too-often occurrence of ‘oops wrong number.’ And we get on with our day. The closest thing to a prank call that I have ever performed has been spamming local radio stations as a 10-year-old in an effort to make them play Weird Al.

If you’ve ever watched C-SPAN, you know that it leaves much to be desired. There’s simply nothing there but middle-aged white males, slowly volleying questions back and forth waiting for phone calls. Any sign of life.

With Congressman Dave Brat (R-Va.) gracing the stage, a caller, ‘Glenn’ of Salt Lake City, Utah, answers the desperate plea with a question of his own:

C-SPAN was not pleased. But hey…. they asked for callers and Brat is a civil servant. Shouldn’t he be willing to do anything for his constituency?

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8 years ago

i think the guy was willing to give an answer, too bad they cut him off