The Guy Pooping on This Australian Neighborhood’s Sidewalk Turned Out to Be a Corporate Executive

In medieval England, the sport of falconry was particularly popular with the nobility as a way of showing the poor people their station in life. The poor couldn’t afford to even buy raptors, much less to train and house them. In addition to that, nobles on a falcon hunt would trample over their lands on horseback, generally making a mess of things just because there was nothing the common folk could do about it.

In modern-day Australia, falconry has fallen out of fashion and so the rich have had to come up with new ways to teach the rabble who’s important and who isn’t. Andrew Douglas Macintosh of Brisbane, Australia has been asserting his dominance over his neighbors by shitting on a walking path at night for an entire year. Macintosh was an executive with the Aveo Group, an investment company focusing on retirement properties that has been accused in the past writing confusing contracts aimed at fleecing retirees.

Australian news website had the details of how Macintosh’s neighbors caught him in the act during one of his uhh… night moves.

“One of the neighbours set up a night camera and got a few images and so we had a time he was doing it, so then I decided to go and wait with a camera in the and I was there a few mornings and then last Friday I got him,” neighbour Steve, who took the photo, told last month.

“There’s a red light which goes on before the camera’s flash goes off and he saw that and looked at me as the photograph was taken.

“Then he just said, ‘Hello’. At that point I decided to just walk away.”

The photograph shows a grey-haired man with his pants down.

That, my friends, is the attitude of a sociopath. You’re taking a s**t on a public walkway and when someone pops up and takes a picture of you in the act, you’re just like “Oi, warm night, eh mate?” I would have gotten out of there with the evidence, too. You don’t know if that guy is packing a boomerang or what. But I really wouldn’t want to get into a fist fight with him.

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