Kim and Kanye Are Done Having Kids

Doctors have warned reality TV star Kim Kardashian that another pregnancy would just be too dangerous.

Kim has kept it real about her pregnancy struggles. Both of her pregnancies had some complications, including the life-threatening condition placenta accreta. Doctors told her it’s basically guaranteed she’d have it again, making birth high risk for both her and her future child.

A source close to the family said that Kim is also terrified of a repeat of the horribly painful birth she experienced when delivering Saint, which has made this news a lot easier for the couple to take.

So while it looks like we’ll never get to have the full compass of West children we always dreamed of (North West, South West, North by North West, and so on), the couple is cool with stopping at two and have their hands full with North and Saint, who’s doing great.

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Not eating raw fish or soaking in a hot tub are commonly recommended and recognized things to avoid for pregnant women. All the other rules you listed off are also in the same vein. Did you do any research before whipping this trite article up?
Source: been pregnant twice and read lots of Dr.’s books on the subject.

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