Netflix Releases Trailer for ‘Making a Murderer’ Which Looks Like Another Winner

Netflix is on a roll. They have Narcos, Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones, and House of Cards, among many others. All critical darlings, all popular and well-received. Now they bring us Making a Murder.

The docuseries will tell the story of Steven Avery, a man wrongfully convicted of rape who was exonorated after spending 18 years in prison. Once released, Avery filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the local law enforcement, but then quickly found himself the prime suspect in a murder case. So did Avery commit the murder, or is it another wrongful conviction? That is the question at the center of Making a Murderer.

Check out the trailer.

Pretty fascinating. Avery was set to sue the city for $36 million when ALL OF A SUDDEN, he gets accused of murdering Teresa Halbach.

Can’t this dude catch a break? From the New York Times,

This time, he was charged in the death of Teresa Halbach, a 25-year-old photographer who vanished on Oct. 31 after being assigned to take pictures for Auto Trader magazine at Avery’s Auto Salvage.

After her family searched for Ms. Halbach for days, investigators said they found bones and teeth in the salvage yard, along with her car. In the car, they found blood from Mr. Avery and Ms. Halbach, they said. They also found her car key in the bedroom of his trailer, they said, and, using the very technology that led to Mr. Avery’s release two years earlier, they said they identified Mr. Avery’s DNA on the key.

DNA testing FTW. Or was it planted? We all know how the police can be.

Back to Netflix. They owned every other network at the Golden Globes this year with eight nominations. That’s more than any other network. Sucks for NBC. They’ll be broadcasting the Golden Globes, yet earned NO NOMINATIONS at all. Losers. Maybe you shouldn’t have let go of Conan O’Brien.

And supposedly, Narcos brings in more viewers than Game of Thrones. Umm, I’ll file that under ‘possible’.

“We’re pleased to take the number two spot, but think it’s number one because they don’t measure all the devices,” he [Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos] said, referring to a recent survey. The survey in question found that Netflix would have the second-highest-rated show on cable if traditional ratings metrics were used — following behind Game of Thrones.

Whatever the case, Netflix is killing it. Get on this show, it starts December 18th.

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