Rohinie Bisear: Guilty of Being Hot as Hell

Remember Jeremy Meeks AKA the most attractive violent criminal since Ted Bundy?????

Meet the newest and hottest violent criminal in Rohinie Bisesar, the 40-year old woman (who looks better in her mugshot than I have ever looked in any photo taken of me ever……) accused of stabbing a random stranger in a Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto.

The general consensus of people familiar with Bisesar has been that of an extremely aloof personality. Not quite on earth.

Bisesar, just like any basic bitch, was a Starbucks regular. The Toronto Star reports:

“I’ve seen her for a couple of months,” said Heather Thomas, the assistant manager at a Yonge and King Street Starbucks. “She was very antisocial.”

Well, f**k, man. People make mistakes. Do you think she’ll still date me? Sometimes you just gotta be bold if you wanna be discovered. And discovered she was.

F**k getting expensive head shots and hauling your ass to casting calls; mug shots are the new head shots.

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