Russell Crowe Is Back and This Time He’s Pissed Off at Virgin Airlines

Russell Crowe, known for lashing out at everyone and everything, frothing with rage at everything from the food industry to circumcision, has found a new target for his pissbaby rage. Virgin Airlines wouldn’t let him bring a hoverboard on the plane for safety reasons, and he’s not taking that sitting down.

Yeah, he literally cancelled his entire flight because they wouldn’t let him take the hoverboard onto the plane. If something is banned from streets and sidewalks for being dangerous (as in fucking exploding sometimes), most people could rub two brain cells together and figure out that that you can’t bring them onto a plane.

But Ragin’ Russell isn’t well known for common sense. He’s mostly just known for being entitled and pissy. Virgin Airlines told him what’s what at least.

He then picked a whole fight with them about it. Russell, the fucking things can explode. It’s not cool to bring potentially explosive items on planes. Why are you so pissed off that you couldn’t bring something that explodes onto a plane?

What? You wanna be a good dad? It will be a fucking holiday in hell if the plane you’re on explodes. Shut up Russell Crowe.

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8 years ago

You don’t see airlines banning laptops, tablets, and cell phones, do you??