Ryan Phillippe Engaged to 24-Year-Old Girlfriend Paulina Slagter

E! News has confirmed that Ryan Phillippe (41) is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Paulina Slagter (25). According to a source, the actor proposed on Christmas Day. The same source added:

“They arrived in Miami on Sunday and had lunch at Seaspice, where they ate facing the river at the owner’s table. She was really cute and humble about the way she showed off the ring.”

Phillippe was on Howard Stern last April and had nothing but nice things to say about Slagter. It’s almost like he couldn’t wait to wife her.

“She’s awesome. When people see her they have these judgments because she could be a model but she’s about to graduate Stanford Law. Also what’s great about it—as you get older certain issues become more important to you. I’m very involved in civil rights issues, and so to be with a woman who could actually make an impact in the legal realm—that’s a beautiful thing.”

Congrats. Considering Phillippe’s got kids by both Reese Witherspoon and Alexis Knapp already, I bet it’s not long till we have some actor-lawyer model looking babies on our hands.

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