Vanna White’s Wardrobe Almost Malfunctioned

If after thirty-three years on television, the only fouls to be reported for Miss Vanna White include getting drunk between takes and dragging a Christmas decoration across stage… I’d say Vanna has enjoyed a very charmed life as a public broadcast celebrity.

Quite frankly hadn’t this snafu been reported, I would have likely lived my life having never heard of the event and on the off chance I had…. I would probably tell you it was a half-assed effort made by a Project Runway contestant with poor time management skills. It could have been an avant-garde attempt.

To host Pat Sajak, Vanna shared:

The funny thing is, I didn’t even feel it.

Stage props are not your friend. Thirty seconds of complete and utter humiliation unmatched by any other person to ever be publicly humiliated.

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