Teachers Ran Baby ‘Fight Club’ Involving Hot Cheetos Forced Feedings and Spraying Them with Hoses

When Chuck Palahniuk wrote his dystopia novel, Fight Club, he never could have anticipated the residual effects to be preschool fall-out. In 2013, when then 27 year old pre-school teacher, Sarah Jordan, was arrested for her role in turning her classroom into a baby fight club, it was made evident that apparently these things happen.

During the three-day bench trial, Jordan testified in her own defense. She alleged that her co-workers made up the details that resulted in 13 felony and misdemeanor counts against her. Jordan blamed a work dispute.

However, eyewitness testimony from three previous co-workers of the accused painted a starkly different picture. Using a hose, Jordan would spray water at the 1-year-olds in her class as well as dunk them in wading pools and feed them Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Even if the babies were breastfed at the tit of Jalapeño peppers, this is a terrible punishment.

Jordan admitted to spraying the children, but ‘without intent to hurt them.’ Because babies aren’t hurt easily at all.

Jordan was found guilty on counts of child cruelty and will remain on remand until her sentencing hearing. A previous co-worker turned co-defendant awaits her own trial.

Parents told their children’s horror stories on their behalf. One parent claimed that his child ceased verbal communication after attending Jordan’s class. Another parent asserted that his child was dubbed ‘class bully’ by Jordan and forced to bite and fight the other children. Because one-year-olds don’t have enough frustration, Jordan and Spriggs capitalized on her power over her voiceless victims.

The first charges against the two teachers came from a report from the Virginia Department of Social Service:

The report detailed how Jordan and Spriggs would encourage toddlers to fight and bite one another, how they would dunk kids fearful of water into wading pools and feed them Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. According to the document and witness accounts, the abuse lasted for six months.

If you’ve never Googled it, the bar is set incredibly low for what it takes to become a pre-school educator. Because of that, some of the liability rests on Minnieland Academy for hiring the two child abusers. As per Daily Mail:

At least eight parents at the day care center have retained an attorney and are considering pursuing legal action against Minnieland Academy.

Children are already resilient as f**k, but f**k these two. If you hate kids… leave them the f**k alone, we have enough shitty people in this world, there is absolutely no need to traumatized babies into becoming more.

[Image: BroBible]

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