Harry Potter Plays a Farting Corpse in His New Movie. Supposedly, It’s Not Bad

Someone’s trying hard not to be typecast. Daniel Radcliffe, wee little Harry Potter, reaches for indie cred and some humor in Swiss Army Man. It’s the new movie by the directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, collectively known as ‘the Daniels.’ They did the “Turn Down for What” video by Lil Jon.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the movie:

Paul Dano plays Hank, a young man stranded on an island — how, where, or why, we don’t know, but he’s had enough and is ready to hang himself. Hank ends up changing his mind when a dead body washes up on shore — enter Radcliffe — and after trying to perform CPR Hank realizes he’s unleashed a torrent of gas from the corpse.

Oh wait, if you love farts, there’s more.

Radcliffe’s character, eventually referred to as Manny, shimmies and shakes under the power of his flatulence, until he starts propelling himself out in the open ocean. Hank jumps aboard, riding the corpse away from the island in grand victory.

Sounds like something the Farrelly brothers might do or Trey and Matt from South Park would do.

You’d think that Harry Potter farting would turn into a one-fart pony. Not according to some.

The Verge: What I do know is that I won’t forget it, and that the Daniels have made a daring first film full of courage, voice, and vision. Quite simply, I’m glad Swiss Army Man exists, not just for its own bizarro thrills, but for what it portends for the future of two savagely gifted filmmakers.

Other people didn’t like it so much. Variety says a ton of people stood up and walked out. That’s pretty uppity. What, your farts don’t stink? Or propel you and a friend off a deserted island?

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