Keeping Up With Rob Kardashian, the Closet Kardashian Begins Dating Blac Chyna

I’m sure there are incalculable perks of fame. But with each upside, there is always a downside. When you reach a certain level of pop culture relevance, your privacy evaporates in the same way it does in your hometown high school. Once you develop a certain familiarity for someone, the assumptions about their social life fly.

Post a photo of you snuggling with your FWB to Instagram as one of the famous folk, dating rumors spark even faster than your tiny high school ecosystem of fuckery. But with the disgusting downside comes the lucrative upside, dating rumors as a famous folk can become massive PR stunts which can lead to massive paydays. Rob Kardashian has been out of the spotlight for quite some time, and with only a sock company… perhaps the kid is begging for some clicks.

When Blac Chyna, baby momma of Tyga’s spawn, took to Instagram flashing some serious stiletto acrylics and a very recognizable Kardashian arm… rumors flew. Wouldn’t she want to stay far away from the family of the woman who allegedly stole her man? Payback = payday

It’s just underhanded enough for me to admire the f**k out of it. Kinda into it. And if Freud was anything worth his salt, she gotta donk to remind Mr. Kardashian where he comes from.

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Capt. Cornhole
Capt. Cornhole
7 years ago

The problem with these faux asses is that if you’re no handed trying to slide your cock into the brown-eye. Your average BBW, she’ll reach around and spread those ass cheeks for you. Those skinny chicks who’s ass got fat when they weren’t looking – not so much. Anyone who holds the door wide open for buttsex is aces in my book.