‘Making a Murderer’ Steven Avery Thinks His Own Brothers Might Have Killed Teresa Halbach

Making a Murder‘s Steven Avery, whose serving a life sentence for the murder of Teresa Halbach, filed legal documents saying that his brothers Earl and Charles might have done it and framed him for it. Both have a history of sexual assault.

What modern gentlemen.

Earl Avery once pled no contest to sexually assaulting his two daughters. Charles Avery, on the other hand, was charged with assaulting his wife after strangling her with a telephone cord and forcing himself on her.

Can we just put all of them in jail forever?

On top of assaulting his wife, Charles Avery has a long history of harassing female customers who had the bad luck of coming across their family’s junkyard. He was stalking three different female customers, one who complained to cops that she was terrified, in the month before Teresa Halbach went missing.

How the f**k do you even have time to stalk that many people at once? I can hardly find the time to vacuum my own shitty apartment.

Steven Avery says his brothers framed him because not only were they fighting over the family business, but they were jealous that he was on the brink of a multi-million dollar settlement for being wrongfully convicted of sexual assault.


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6 years ago

I had the same thought that another family member did it. Something seems off with his other nephew, Bobby, too.

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