Are Shailene Woodley and Isidora Goreshter a Thing?

I hope so. Nobody believes two women are involved unless they catch them taking a fist full of five inch acrylic claws on some porn site, and I am tired. If I had to read one more article about Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargyle being ‘Gal Pals,’ I was gonna fight somebody.

Shailene Woodley and Isidora Goreshter (aka Svetlana from Shameless) were caught getting real close on the streets of New Orleans during Valentine’s Day. They spent not only the day, but probably also the weekend together as they were seen shopping together later on.

We also know that Woodley isn’t straight. She told the Hollywood Reporter in 2014:

“I fall in love with human beings based on who they are, not based on what they do or what sex they are.”

I don’t think it takes some Sherlock Holmes level gaydar to see what’s going on over here.

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7 years ago

Who cares?