Charli XCX — Back and Blacker Than Ever

Charli XCX hit up the NME after party last week. That’s what the photog agency wrote, but I couldn’t read anything past that cuz hey, I was staring too hard. She came out of the The Cuckoo Club in London, England wearing the best thing ever and please don’t ever take it off.

In more important news, Charlie XCX’s back with a couple of new songs. She just wants to break the rules!

Charli stopped by Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show today to debut “Trophy,” a track off the EP, and promote her own new Beats 1 show, “The Candy Shop.”

Electronic music producer Sophie produced “Trophy”. Her influence is all over. This song begs to be remixed. XCX is buried deep in the song and shows up as a twisted, percussive instrument. Not anything like “Break the Rules.”

Charli XCX also dropped “Vroom Vroom” which is the same name as her forthcoming EP. This is poppier and more in the XCX style we expect. Really on the new R&B thing going on now with Kill J (who will blow up if the world has any sense of taste and fairness at all).

Honestly? The songs are ok, but they sound like they haven’t been finished. More like snippets or cuts that need to be fleshed out. And when Charli XCX said this…

“This album could change the sound of pop music,” Charli said. “It’s the album I’ve been trying to make forever. And now I’ve done it.”

Nah, not if these songs are proof.

AND XCX started her own record label, Vroom Vroom. Umm…is everything she does gonna be called “Vroom Vroom” now?

She also announced her new “experimental pop” label, Vroom Vroom Recordings, an imprint of Atlantic Records U.K., which the singer says “will combine [her] love for bubblegum pop with mystery and darkness.”

Anyway, back to ogling Charli XCX. Proceed to the gallery, thank us later.

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