Charli XCX Wrote a Beautiful Passage for Her New Album and Wore a See Through Bra and Panties So You’d Notice

Charli XCX. So gifted. Such a great songwriter and not afraid to embrace her femininity at the same time.

Boobs. Such a blessing.

XCX promoed her new album with a flowery caption on Instagram:

my album is beautiful and soft and aggressive and emotional and clubby and tender all at once. I’ve really put all of ME into this. Every aspect of my personality, truth about romantic relationships, working relationships, friends. It’s honest and raw and I can’t wait for you to hear it… also… THE COLLABORATIONS!!!!! Guess who angels????? 💕💗

I assume she posed in underwear to symbolize that she’s naked emotionally on her upcoming album. Or maybe that’s the only way to get across when Instamodels have their asses in your face 24/7.

Also, I misread when she wrote “clubby” as “chubby”. I think chubby would’ve been even better.

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