Charli XCX Wins Coachella with Katy Perry, Rita Ora and Bikini Shots

If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen. Hollywood descended on Coachella like an out of control disease. Obviously, everyone who went posted on Instagram. Only a select few actually had worthy pics. Charli XCX did.

Starting with this amazing shot.

Here she hangs with rapper Cupcakke.

Bikini change for a shot with designer Jeremy Scott.

XCX with Halsey, err…Katy Perry and singer Sara Hudson.

Back to her Calvin Kleins with Rita Ora.

Not from Coachella, but deserves to be here.

Check out XCX, Brooke Candy and Cupcakke doing “Lip Gloss” in New York. Amazing.

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7 years ago

She looks like VD on feet.