Hitler Sported a Micropenis and Oddly Placed Peehole According to Historians

He was hung like a Picasso painting and by that I don’t mean in an art museum.

In a new book entitled Hitler’s Last Day: Minute by Minute, historians are suggesting that on top of being on amphetamines, possibly having syphilis, getting rejected from art school, and being pretty short, Hitler’s rage may have been fueled by the fact that his dick was kinda weird.

After taking a look at Hitler’s medical records, Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craig concluded that Hitler not only had a undescended testicle, but a rare condition called penile hypospadius.

Say that five times fast.

So, what is this pencil hippopotamus deal?

Basically, it means that his pee hole, instead of being at the tip of his dick, could have literally been anywhere on his dick. This birth defect, which occurs in 1 out of 200 biological males, also sometimes makes the dick point down, and can result in a micropenis.

At least I get to know that the guy who killed 6 million of my homies had a freaky baby dick, I guess.

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7 years ago

Bull….this has gone viral…….so a “historian” (?) makes a claim…..I am not a defender of his regime….but true research by past unimpeachable biographers….who interviewed the two remaining doctors while alive, one during WWI, also Dr. Morell and records of Dr. Karl Brandt said “He was normal in every way……