Is Miley Going to Force Liam to Sign a Prenup?

If Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth can make it work 3 years after calling off their original engagement, then we all can, right? It’s the kind of love that transcends oceans, tears down precepts and rebuilds US-Australian relations. We should all climb off our ridiculous high horses and get back with our first love who so obviously wasn’t right for us because love conquers all. Divorce is dead because Miley and Liam are back together.

But what if it’s not? What if this is just step one back in the right direction on getting closure with an old flame? Cyrus is worth 10x that of Hemsworth, Cyrus with a whopping $160 million net worth and Hemsworth with a comparably measly but no less alluring $16 million. That’s bound to cause friction.

A source close to the couple feeds the rumor mill with talks of a prenup because that seems like the most logical thing to do right now:

He’s a firm believer that prenups spoil the romance of a marriage and that if they are truly in love, it’s not needed. He’s assured Miley he isn’t interested in her fortune and has enough money of his own.

Romance is good, romance is great. It makes you feel blind for about 20 minutes before all your senses are restored and you realize the man (or woman) next to you smells just as bad as anyone you ever met. Liam might think that this time is forever, but if history is of any indication, Liam will split if he doesn’t get his way.

If Miley has seemed more mild to you recently, it’s because she’s trying to make it work for him, sources claiming:

he is meeting her half way and is also giving her some freedom to express herself freely.

Nothing sounds more like love than my fiancé telling me what I can not do with my own personality.

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