Jeb Bush Is Trying to Literally Seduce Young Voters and It’s Not Going Well

While most politicians would let it go after racking up $14 million to turn up a whopping 2.8% at the Iowa caucus, Jeb Bush isn’t letting that get him down.

While he sucks at campaigning, he’s really proven his worth as a tragic figure by cracking this awful joke at a recent New Hampshire rally and making all four of the people there super uncomfortable.

According to this tweet by the Washington Post‘s Ed O’Keefe, shit got real weird.

Ouch. I, personally, am delighted that Jeb Bush is continuing to campaign. I look forward to all of his painfully awkward failed campaign adventures. I hope he travels the country talking dirty to young voters. He’s about as sensual as a thousand lizards in a man suit can be. Which is very sensual.

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