Jeb Bush Is Trying to Literally Seduce Young Voters and It’s Not Going Well

While most politicians would let it go after racking up $14 million to turn up a whopping 2.8% at the Iowa caucus, Jeb Bush isn’t letting that get him down.

While he sucks at campaigning, he’s really proven his worth as a tragic figure by cracking this awful joke at a recent New Hampshire rally and making all four of the people there super uncomfortable.

According to this tweet by the Washington Post‘s Ed O’Keefe, s**t got real weird.

Ouch. I, personally, am delighted that Jeb Bush is continuing to campaign. I look forward to all of his painfully awkward failed campaign adventures. I hope he travels the country talking dirty to young voters. He’s about as sensual as a thousand lizards in a man suit can be. Which is very sensual.

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