Emily Ratajkowski Gets Naked, Logan Paul Draws Dicks to Protest Alabama Abortion Law

Alabama’s state government recent passed an extremely draconian law outlawing abortion in the state, despite the fact that as worded it has almost no chance of surviving a constitutional challenge in the Supreme Court. This has served to draw a lot of attention to the state from even the most apolitical celebrities, so it’s no surprise that someone as politically active as Emily Ratajkowski would have a strong opinion to express.

Thankfully, the way Emily Ratajkowski protests is by getting pretty much all the way naked on Instagram.

This is really the form all political action should take. If nothing else, people would never stop begging Chelsea Clinton and Meghan McCain to get out of politics.

Logan Paul, who is normally just the biggest bumblefuck on the planet used his particular brand of brain-dead sophomoric humor for good, as well.

Drawing dicks on politicians isn’t the most  mature thing in the world, but I’ll take it. It’s absolutely the best thing Logan Paul has done in his entire life.

Josh Gad wins, though, taking a swipe at all people upset that Game of Thrones made them feel emotions while bringing attention to the issue. Good for him.

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