Kanye West Loves Ranting Even More Than He Loves Kanye

On Tuesday night, Kanye West was dropping a lot of wisdom at the 1OAK club in LA. He has opinions on everything from Taylor Swift to where you should shop, and these are the five best.

1. Kanye on how he can control where you shop with a press of a button (maybe?):

2. Kanye taking a break from ranting to rant about sucking Tidal’s dick. Did anybody who paid for his new album on Tidal ever get it, btw?

3. Kanye saying that MediaTakeOut made up all that s**t about Amber Rose fingering him, and proving that he is 100% a fingers in the booty ass bitch.

4. Kanye wants you to know that he ‘CALLED TAYLOR!’

5. Kanye letting the whole club know that he’s in debt, in the most accusatory and insulting way possible:

Yo, I know Kanye goes crazy whenever he has an album come out to promote it, but I think we’ve crossed over. I think I’m worried about Kanye.

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