Rapper DMX Hospitalized Following Alleged Drug Overdose

It was a close call for “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” rapper DMX Monday night… we almost lost him. As per TMZ:

Yonkers cops responded to a call about an unconscious male at a Ramada Inn just after 6 PM. We’re told when cops arrived DMX was on the ground in the parking lot next to a parked car. Cops quickly determined he was lifeless, not breathing with no pulse and immediately began CPR.

It took an entire minute of CPR, a procedure with a fairly high rate of failure, to restore a pulse. It took a shot of Narcan, a drug used to treat overdoses, to bring the still unconscious DMX to semiconsciousness. After that, he was then transported to a hospital.

His condition was originally reported as an asthma attack. A family member claimed that the rapper had requested his inhaler moments before falling unconscious. At present, he remains hospitalized in stable condition. He has yet to face criminal charges.

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