Ariel Winter’s Come a Long Way Since Divorcing Her Parents

If you didn’t know, Ariel Winter became a legally emancipated minor last year at 17. Her mother was such a bitch that she lost legal rights to her daughter due to emotional abuse in a court of law.

Recently, Winter appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and opened about emancipation and what it means.

“Well, emancipation is basically you become your own entity. Nobody controls you anymore. You handle your own business affairs, your own living arrangements, your own money. Everything is sort of in your own hands.”

She also praised her older sister, Shanelle Gray, who has also ditched their hideous mother and became Winter’sĀ guardian in 2012.

“She’s been the best part of my life. She really is my best friend. She’s the most important thing to me. She’s been there for me through absolutely everything. And I just love her so much. I count on her more than anything.”

When Ellen asked why she chose to emancipate, Winter got all vague and higher-ground-y.

“It has been very sad for me, but at the same time it’s been much better for me emotionally and physically to be on my own and have a better, safer household and support system. I don’t really talk about the reason that I don’t speak to my mother. It’s kind of been publicized, but the reason I don’t really share that is because I want to give her the respect that she didn’t give to me publicly.”

Winter has not spoken to her mother in over three years.

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