Farrah Abraham Retracted Her Allegations of Rape Against Uber Driver

Farrah Abraham is the wart on the heavenly body of human existence. We’ve been trying to freeze it off for the better part of the last decade, but it’s a persistent motherfucker. We live in a society where rape is seldom reported due to low conviction rates, ceremonious mudslinging, the high likelihood of the victim knowing their abuser and popular disbelief based on the very few false accusations. It’s hard out here for rape victims… and Abraham just made it a whole lot harder.

Earlier last year, Abraham had alleged on her podcast that she had almost been raped by her Uber driver. In her version of the incident, the driver, who she claims had mental deficits, had asked Abraham to walk some distance to his car, instead of picking her up at the door of her hotel in Jericho on Long Island. Abraham, best known for her starring star on MTV’s Teen Mom, got weird vibes from the driver and called her boyfriend to handle it. The driver and beau got into a fight, s**t hit the fan and Abraham has since been banned from using the service altogether.

Uber has denied all allegations, asserting the story was purely fabricated. Abraham has since retracted her statements of almost rape, now saying, as per Page Six, the driver had been:

Looking at her lecherously and that it could have escalated into a rape situation

Well, if we reported the number of times women have almost been raped via the male gaze, the backlog would be until the next 45 years at least.

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5 years ago

This article started out so promising – blame was assigned to where it belonged, it rightly pointed out people like Farrah make life difficult for real and actual victims. Then had to finish with “the male gaze”. *sigh* Conservative 3rd wave feminism – turning what began as a real and necessary movement into angry self-serving drivel.

5 years ago

So, let’s NOT put Abraham on blast for making a fake rape allegation, let’s just thank god that this monster-with-a-penis DIDN’T rape her on account of his “gaze.”

Ma’am, you’re a fucking sexist idiot.

Filbert Almond
Filbert Almond
5 years ago
Reply to  Nate

seemed as if it was just a joke. And a funny one at that!

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