Justin Bieber Cancels Massively Planned Date With Selena Gomez, Too Nervous?

Our Bieber has become quite the flake recently. After cancelling the rest of his Purpose tour meet and greets, Bieber has gone so far as to cancel his date with ongoing, on-again-off-again, not-quite-sure-again flame, Selena Gomez. The two have been playing this cryptic cat and mouse game, teasing the public and teasing each other with serenades, appearances at each other’s concerts and a whole lot of Instagram flirting.

After Selena was spotted in the crowd of one of Justin’s LA shows, Bieber apparently started brainstorming on the perfect date. Sparing no expense–why would he–Justin started planning to woo his ex-girlfriend back in his favor, apparently:

Justin wanted to rent out the Staples Center after his concert to do a repeat date night screening of Titanic for Selena because he is trying to get back with her.

I mean that’s the cheesy, cheeky, corrosive romance of a romantic comedy classic. He probably would have met her in New York, claiming they were just going to have a quick bite before he ambushed her with the site of a private plane, where they’d charter across the country for just a quick trip. And he’d expect her to swoon, so she would and our vicarious tendencies would be fed in the best ways.

Sources close to Bieber are suggesting that this time around, he really wants her back:

I don’t know why he didn’t go through with it, and I also don’t know if he ever even told Selena about his plan, but I do know he is really obviously trying to date her again.

The singer has had emotional and behavioral issues in the past, in some cases being a true grade A brat, but this seems a little different. Is the anxiety of courting the love of your young life too much for Yung Bieber?

During his concert between songs, he was alluding to the fact that he wasn’t happy to be there. At one point during the concert he was just lying on the stage not singing, just letting the track run.

Selena was caught backstage a number of times throughout the concert as the two were hanging out in his dressing room, but something happened between the two because Justin left buddy and collaborator, Skrillex, to close out the show by himself. If people can be trusted to stick to their patterns, there’ll be more of this while on tour , most of it is probably for publicity and Justin is probably in the middle of a tailspin which will result in even more headlines for the singer.

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