Poop Girl Worries She’s Not Hot Anymore, Internet Reassures Her Otherwise

Thanks to one tweeter, now viral sensation, Makela aka @_blotty aka poop girl aka hot girl aka just another girl, the world has gotten a lot safer for women poopers. Makela, who like many of us 20-somethings was single and ready to mingle on a date, went no. 2 at her date’s house. There was a toilet malfunction and Makela did what any anxious improviser would have done… she hid her poop in her purse and tweeted the shame away.

Now, Makela, who has spent nearly all of her online presence trying to cultivate herself into the hot girl with cleavage packed photos and the glory of glam, has found herself at the most interesting identity divide.

Everyone knows that there’s a mystique surrounding women and their defecation habits because women are meant to be hot objects and not humans. But unknowingly Makela has created a new identity for herself and other women who want to be hot and s**t whenever they want. The poop girl’s online candor has broadened her suitor base as her new notoriety has afforded her hundreds of tweets of admiration and date invitations.

Hot girls rejoice. Pooping can be hot too now.

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