Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles Spotted Together Again, Are They Banging Yet?

In 2016, if you take any time out of your day to spend time with another person, you must be dating them. This isn’t limited to our celebrities, but they have the luxury of monetizing the rumor circulating. I hang out with that dude I’ve known since preschool and all I get is a text from the girl I pissed off. Kendall Jenner gets together with superstar Harry Styles and they’re liable to get another fat check in the mail from all the clicks they just generated on E!.

Although not much has been said about the duo since Harry’s flight attendant flame got wind of the two spending time together over the New Year, a source close to them shares that it’s just been casual since they met in 2013:

Kendall is not Harry’s girlfriend, but there’s still something there.

But much like the wooing of the flight attendant, Styles might just be after a challenge. Jenner has not been public with any kind of relationship throughout her career, unlike her siblings and their very famous baes. Maybe Harry’s itching to be her first public relations honey. So he’s trying to woo one of the only girls on the planet with a similar bank account.

Kendall is very private about it and doesn’t like to talk about Harry. Harry adores her and is very cute with her.

That or they’re both playing beard in the public eye to hide both of their pretty evident homosexualities.

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