Kris Jenner Paid Lots of Money for Michael Jackson’s Nose

Doctors have told Kris Jenner that if she doesn’t stop going under the knife her nose is gonna fucking cave in. There is only so much plastic surgery that one nose can take, and hers is done. Take a look at this then and now pic.

See what I’m sayin? That s**t is busted, but apparently any further surgery is off the table unless she wants that Voldemort look.  Which is a damn shame, because get a look at this thing she had going on at the 2016’s Paris Fashion Week.

Ouch. According to a source:

“She keeps looking at ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures and just cries. She realizes now that she used to have a perfectly fine nose.”

It used to look like this.

Girl contoured that s**t.

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