This Kid Waited 7 Years to Drop This Tweet and It Was Epic

hahahahahahahahahahah I have 38.7 THOUSAND tweets and this dude should put my feed to shame. With two tweets and 7 years, Twitter user @MarcusLepage, who like many people joined twitter during the first wave and then went radio silent, unsure how to use a platform of exclusive ‘Facebook statuses’ and then he came back with enriched understanding.

Here’s the live tweet to put all live tweets to shame.

7 years later…

One can only assume that he’s aged over the last seven years, but… has he learned a damn thing? He’s currently only following one other person and it’s probably the worst one to pick, yep, it’s Donald Trump.

Upon further review, I too follow Donald Trump. Know thine enemy.

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6 years ago

Thy enemy.