Would Ya Look at That, Justin Bieber Knows How to Color

I know Justin Bieber is superhumanly wealthy and so he doesn’t exist in the same framework the common man does… but is his lag really over a year? Professional celebrity, singer and trendsetter, Justin Bieber should be on top of all the world’s hottest trends, but seems to have waited until the hype around adult-level coloring books died down a bit. Sticking with Eastern inspiration, instead of opting for the traditional de-stressing cliché of surrounding herself with mandalas, our Bieber chose to color himself an anime girl that may or may not be part of a hentai flipbook.

It’s nice. It’s fine. He seems to know how to stay within the lines. Pick aesthetically pleasing color combinations. And he even went so far as to create our lady as a woman of color. He has a light, delicate hand but I can think of something so much better he could have done during those 30 minutes if he’s looking for a release.

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