High School Football Player’s Dick Pic Prank Goes Really, Really Bad

Free The Peen.

Hunter Osborne of Mesa, Arizona thought it would be really funny if he poked the tip of his dick out of his shorts for a football team photo that appeared in over 3,000 yearbooks.

He is currently facing 69 counts of indecent exposure, which is also pretty funny. Comedians don’t even come up with jokes like this.

It’s 69 because there were 69 other students (ha!) there at the time of penis interruptus. He also faces a bunch of bullshit counts that make it sound like he was dealing dick pics in the parking lot to 14 year olds in exchange for devil crack juice, which just isn’t real. Actually, the whole thing gets a lot less funny considering he’s wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet and could legit go to jail.

So what, football players rape a chick and snapchat it and it’s no big deal, but some assholes want to lock a kid up for the rest of his life over a little game of “just the tip” where no one was actually physically violated? I see how it is, America.

What, like you think a bunch of people that grew up on smartphones and some of who even have dicks never saw the tip of a dick before?

This isn’t 1490. Washing your ass isn’t a sin. Let’s be real.


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6 years ago

All the charges have now been dropped against this young man