Judge In Italy Lets Cool Dad Pay Child Support In Pizza

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie it’s al-i-mony.

Forreal, tho. How fucking Italian is this?

From Death And Taxes:

A judge in Italy recently acquitted Nicola Toso, who had been accused of not keeping up with child support payments after getting divorced in 2002. Toso was supposed to pay about $335 a month to help support his then six-year-old daughter, but could no longer afford to do so when the economy crashed in 2008.

Take care of your s**t, man. Though honestly, can you really get charged for not keeping up with your child support payments like fifteen years later? Because it’s been a minute. Somebody let that go on a while.

Fortunately, Toso owned a pizza shop, so instead of giving his daughter and ex-wife Nicoletta Zuin money, he payed them in delicious cheesy pies and other foods. This arrangement lasted until 2010, when Toso had to close his shop.

That must be some good ass pizza if your ex-wife is cool with you giving it to her in lieu of child support payments for two years. I want some of that pizza. We gotta give this guy his shop back. Kickstarter time, anybody?

In 2011, the daughter’s relationship with her mother got so bad that she ended up moving in with Toso and his new wife, at which point Zuin was ordered to pay child support.

You fucked up if your kid leaves you for your spouse and whoever else they are fucking instead of you. This lady is not down for some chill Italian pizza vibes. Clearly. Even wilder, Based on how tight this girl and her cool dad are, and the fact that his bank statements read like an obituary, a judge ruled that him paying his share of the child support in pizza and calzones was chill.
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