Kate Mara Stars in ‘Morgan’, Your Big Name ‘Ex Machina’

It’s about time Kate Mara got some work since being killed off in House of Cards. Sister, Rooney, has overshadowed her sister in a big way over the last couple years and when you’re the heir to NFL royalty, you would think the world (aka America) would be fawning over your existence.

But it’s not. And that might be lucky for Rooney Mara because the actress, who has found herself in mostly independent projects, has been able to fly under the radar. But now here she is, in a massive 20th Century Fox project, Morgan

As per Collider:

The debut film from Luke Scott (commercial director and son of Ridley Scott), stars Kate Mara as a corporate troubleshooter sent to evaluate a terrifying incident at a remote, top-secret lab where she discovers the scientists have created a new form of evil inhabiting a human form.

And the cast is stacked. We’ll have some more Jennifer Jason Leigh and Anna Taylor-Joy , Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh and last but not least Paul Giamatti playing the same character he always plays. You know that troubled anti-hero kinda dude.

Fixer archetypes and sci-fi movies about the impending doom of society are ever popular as always.

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