Ted Cruz Pranked So Hard! LOLs Commence

Ted Cruz has been dealt a difficult hand in life. First, he was born in the body of three separate toddlers.

Then he began melting. Here, we have a presidential candidate hopelessly vying for a seat in the Oval Office with the intent to turn our great nation into a theocracy and who seems to be showing signs of liquefaction under the limelight. But as if things couldn’t get any worse for Senator Cruz on the campaign trail, an Indiana University student by the name of Kevin Nichols gave the presidential hopeful a burn so severe that he had to be airlifted to the newest hospital. Because actions speak louder than words, watch the video below to see the event unfold.

He just wasn’t fast enough. I’m doubting his qualifications. Do you really want a president who can’t reach for a handshake in time? Isn’t that 95% of what the office entails? These are the hard-hitting questions.

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