Angelina Jolie’s Ambition Annoys Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt better get use to Lady Angelina Jolie. That’ll be her new title if she enters Britain’s House of Lords. I think. I have no idea what the titles are for British government.

Jolie wants to work in politics in England. To do so, she’ll have to become a tax-paying British resident. She needs money to establish residency in England.

That means selling some of her and Pitt’s real estate. Like their “Chateau Miraval” in France.

Pitt hates that idea though. US Weekly via Daily Mail says:

Turns out Brad does not want to let go of the French estate, which he has tirelessly renovated and which produces their brand of pink wine.

‘She wants to sell Chateau Miraval and Brad refuses,’ said the source.

The source also says that Jolie has “turned her back on Hollywood” and is set on British politics.

Does Pitt really care about his renovations and grapes that much? Or is he scared that Jolie will turn from a pretty face into a powerful figure. That’ll be tough on his ego.

Have fun taking care of six kids. When Pitt has some quiet time for himself in the garden, he can try to remember what Jolie’s vagina looks like.

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7 years ago

What really annoys BP is having to climb over The United Colors of Benetton in his own architecturally designed bedroom in order to have sexual relations with his wife’s trainspotting corpse of a body.