Christina Grimmie’s Killer Got Surgery to Impress Her, but Obviously, That Didn’t Work

F**k me, dude. That’s a phrase that needs all the context in the world. I’m not giving you permission to f**k me. It’s kinda like the royal we, like the earth is collectively fucking my existence to oblivion. But let me remind you, just because I rejected some bullshit claim based off of completely misinterpreted signals does not mean I want to be killed. Sure… I want to die, but like everyone I think I deserve to do it on my own terms.

It’s been a tough week for Orlando Floridians. First we had Christina Grimmie, The Voice star, shot dead while signing autographs after a performance. And well…. you know the rest.

The gunman…

let me clarify. This gunman, the one that killed Christina Grimmie. I know we know a lot of gunmen.

who had been armed with two handguns and a knife, later killed himself after being tackled by Grimmie’s brother Marcus, who tried to stop the attack on his sister.

The man responsible for the 22-year-old singer’s death is now deceased Best Buy worker, 27-year-old Kevin Loibl. And before killing her, this man was going to do everything in her power to be with her. Loibl had traveled from St. Petersburg, Florida to Orlando where he shot the singer dead when she reached out to hug him. Rage according to his colleagues seems to have been sparked when Grimmie shared a photo of herself and record producer Stephen Rezza. And that was the final straw after all he had endured.

TMZ reports:

He went on a mission to change his appearance for her and, toward the end, got hair transplants and Lasik eye surgery. He also went vegan to lose weight.

I would do all those things too. I feel for this guy. He’s the fucking worst, but then again so am I. The difference lies… no one is fucking responsible for your shitty life except for you. I don’t have an ego small enough for a gun to protect. I don’t have a dick microscopic enough to warrant exerting any violence to get my way.

We breed men to be violent. We future men to behave this way. It must be understood that Loibl is responsible for every bit of his action, but it’s going to keep happening as long as continue to perpetuate a male-centric society with rigid standards.

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5 years ago

You were almost onto something there Ally, male gender role – the idea that you must “protect and provide” in order to be a good man, is the issue. All ‘protection’ is, is violence in the name of a cause. As long as male gender role is propagated, so will violence as part of masculinity.

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