Britney Spears Releases New Song to Remind 2016 She’s Still Here

Haven’t ya heard? Britney is back, bitches. Well… she never really left. Let’s not waste time uttering her last name. We all know who I’m talking about. There is only one Britney. With her signature nasal whine, here we have “Make Me” and I’m told G-Eazy is in this song too. But if we’re being honest, this lane has no room for him. G-Eazy and Britney don’t even exist in the same universe. Britney is a goddess and G-Eazy is another white kid who thinks he has a shot at being the next Eminem. We all know this guy. At least a dozen of them graduated high school with us, another dozen of them slide into your dms on twitter asking for your opinion because you ‘look like you know hip hop’ and too many of them still populate your hometown.

But the large portion of this song is Britney. If it’s not her best song in a long time, it’s a fair shot at reminding the less-devoted fans that she still exists and that she still slays.

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