Charlotte Mckinney Gets All Shy on Us

Paparazzi swarmed Charlotte McKinney, but she played it all demure. The truth is these are probably staged photos. McKinney’s pretending the pap are out in force. There was probably some bored photographer on the corner and McKinney asked him if he wanted to make a quick buck.

She still hasn’t forgotten her love of tight shirts and now she’s completed her ensemble with short, denim shorts and some shoelaces tied all up to her knees. Is this the new fashion?

Surprisingly, McKinney’s actually getting okay work now in Hollywood. You thought she was just a dancing D-list star? She’s more than that. Now she’s a D-list star in a 1990’s movie remake.

Flatliners tabbed her to play “a nurse in a funny sex scene involving her and a medical student.” Oh, oh that doesn’t sound generic now does it.

McKinney is our generation’s Pamela Anderson, just without the sex tape. Yet.

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