Drone Captures a Couple Getting It On Atop a Church Tower

Drones! My creepy uncle has one. My annoying, yet lovable yet still annoying childhood best friend has one. They seem to do more harm than good. Why can’t my takeout be delivered by drones? This is an idea I can get behind. Less killing. Less spying. More working on making sure Ally is broke and well fed.

Now one Russian drone has caught a couple having sex atop a church tower and as a result, I might have a new fantasy. I’m sorry this happened to them, but I’m glad we have the video to show you.

But please get back to trying to get my online shopping purchases to me instantly and New Orleans beignets without the travel expense.

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7 years ago

I’m in favour of the drone delivery, but why do I see American’s skeet shooting drones for free food?