You Can Very Easily Remove the Red Filter From Those TikTok ‘Silhouette Challenge’ Videos and People are Freaking Out About It

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The Silhouette Challenge is incredibly popular on social media right now. It involves women dancing naked or half-naked with a strong red filter so you can’t see any of their bits and whatnots.

The problem is you can see all of those bits by adjusting the color and brightness of the video, which you can do in any video editing software or just on your television. That’s the big secret that all the stories talking about this haven’t mentioned, there’s no complicated method to remove this filter, it’s just the same thing you would do on your television when you first buy it and everyone has orange skin like Donald Trump.

This is why the demands of Rolling Stone and other outlets that YouTube take down videos offering instructions are falling on deaf ears, “turn down the contrast” is hardly a violation of community standards. Really, the only reason I’m mentioning it without feeling guilty is that it’s so obvious that anyone who wanted to do it would figure it out inside of 5 minutes.

Now, actually posting the desaturated images online is pretty creepy.

And honestly, even though it requires basically no work and you could just create a preset on your monitor to remove the filter, it’s still not even worth the effort. If you want to see a woman dance naked, go to any porn site and you’ll see more naked dancing women than you can ever masturbate to.

A lot of people still think this is some kind of complicated hack or something and want YouTube to remove videos explaining how to do it.

Again, you don’t need a special app or special know-how, anyone who has ever used a television knows how to make something less red.

I find it hard to consider changing the contrast on your monitor a massive invasion of someone’s privacy if I’m honest.

Still, don’t be creepy about it.

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