If Taylor Hadn’t Answered Her Phone, This Whole Thing Could Have Been Avoided

We’re a few days out now from the night Kim Kardashian West decided to post that grainy video of her husband Kanye West running lines by Taylor Swift for his then-upcoming album, The Life Of Pablo. Sometimes you just gotta stand up for your man. And if people aren’t going to respond to attempted civil conversation, you just gotta expose the bitch. Us Weekly reports in the days following Yeezy’s debut of his 7th studio album:

When Taylor initially freaked when the song debuted at the Yeezy show, Kanye tried calling Taylor again and reaching out to her. She was unresponsive to his outreach.

If there’s not a large enough audience, it’s not worth Taylor’s time. She needs the Grammys stage for all of her interactions. And that seems to have been the nail in the coffin for KKW. While Kanye was resistant to pushing forward with the ongoing saga with the 1989 singer, Kim was insistent:

They wouldn’t have released that tape had she not dedicated her Grammys speech to bashing Kanye for something she was aware of. Kim and Kanye hope that one day they can make up with Taylor. They aren’t interested in having this beef.

But if you know Kim like I know Kim, you know she’s not out here looking for drama. Kim is the special kind of meddling bitch that is all about exposing the truth and hidden agenda.

Kim was sick of it for them, for their kids, for everyone who believes in them, and she was not going to let people take Kanye down.

She just had to stand up for herself and for her man. It helped that Keeping Up With The Kardashians this week was focused on the tape, which led to the ideal posturing for Kim to release the tape. She knows how the world works. And she knows how to make money. You can’t even sue her for it (: (: (:

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