Mila Kunis Describes Ashton Kutcher’s Penis as a Can of Guinness, Isn’t She Lucky?

Drinking games are an essential part of our society. But because actual functioning adults usually don’t have the capacity to get completely plastered on weeknights, the television industry gave us late night. With nearly two years under his belt and a booming “Carpool Karaoke” presence, James Corden has found himself a late night veteran.

In order to scare off the potential rut that The Late Late Show is kind of famous for, Corden has introduced the “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” segment. The premise is telling all the late night viewers your secrets or else take a shot of something gross. On last night’s segment, Corden turned to guest Mila Kunis and offered a shot of clam juice while asking , “Ashton Kutcher: carrot stick or beer can?”

Fellow guest Christina Applegate urged her along, “Just answer the question.”

Mila tried her very best to stall while asking Corden, “I have to have one or the other?”

Mila, have you never seen a beer can or a carrot stick before. We could have simplified it for the actress; we all know the famous can be a little out of touch. Mila, does he have a pencil dick or does he have a bratwurst? After too much stalling, she chose carrot stick. I’m blushing now. Then she quickly switched to a beer can. In defense of her answer she concluded “I’m thinking it’s short and stubby or long and thin. But no, [it’s] like a Guinness.”

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