Cameron Diaz Is Retired from Acting and That Sucks

If you haven’t been paying attention, you may have noticed that Cameron Diaz has not appeared in a film since 2014’s Annie. And that barely counts.

Well, according to Cameron Diaz, she’s retired from movies.

Selma Blair sort of spilled the beans to Metro News when talking about a potential The Sweetest Thing sequel.

“We were reminiscing about the film. I would have liked to do a sequel, but Cameron’s retired from acting. She’s like, ‘I’m done.'”

But Blair quickly back-tracked on Twitter.

However, during a Sweetest Thing reunion, with Blair and Christina Applegate, Diaz confirmed Blair’s non-breaking news breaking news.

Here is the exchange from the Entertainment Weekly interview:

Have the three of you reunited since filming?
DIAZ: Goddamn it, why not?
APPLEGATE: I don’t know. You guys tell me. I see Selma.
BLAIR: Our kids are friends. Cameron?
DIAZ: Maybe I should, you know, I mean, I’m down. I’m literally doing nothing.
APPLEGATE: I’m literally doing nothing, too! I’m semi-retired, I haven’t worked for years. I’m a mom, that’s what we do. So I’m around, man.
DIAZ: That’s so awesome. I’m totally down. I’m semi-retired, too, and I am actually retired, so I would love to see you ladies.
BLAIR: I would love it.

Applegate has appeared in Bad Moms and A Bad Moms Christmas over the last couple of years, but otherwise has been pretty quiet in Hollywood. Blair’s last big role was as Kris Jenner in American Crime Story.

We don’t need a sequel to The Sweetest Thing because it would be pointless, but we should remember just how great the original was.

The fact that this movie has a 26 on Rotten Tomatoes is proof that critics suck.

Thank you for the memories, Cameron Diaz.

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