RIP Taylor Swift, I Mean, Harambe

Memes! It’s a meme world. We’re all memes. Or we’ll all become memes. Probably not good memes, but memes nonetheless. No two memes are as pervasive of those of the late Harambe (RIP!!!) and Caveman Spongebob. Combine that with the internet’s love of tearing down Taylor Swift and the memes find a new home for a little while.

Taylor Swift is dead. But for legal reasons, we can’t say that so one Melbourne, Australian artist took it upon himself to kill ‘Taylor Smith.’

The image showed up early Thursday morning and quickly circulated around the internet. But once Taylor got a hold of it, everything threatened to come to a very unfortunate pause at the hand of Taytay’s powerful legal team. So what did the artist do?

Switched that s**t up! We remember Harambe while still making Taylor Swift look foolish. We all seem to be rallying against Taylor to solidify the end of her bullshit reign of terror, but what’s really going on here is more sinister. Taylor Swift controls the world by sheer willpower. She wants us dead and we’re probably going to die at the hand of a 600ft tall Taylor Swift. Wait for it and it shall happen. Until then, live it up!

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Lindsey Walsh
Lindsey Walsh
5 years ago

you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become meme

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