Courtney Cox Regrets All the Work She’s Done to Her Face

If Hollywood wants to only cast women under 25 and treat every bitch over 30 like a leper and then make fun of these women for treating their faces like a game of operation I’m not about to help.

Y’all did this.

Monday night’s episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls premiered featuring Courtney Cox talking about how she’s scared of aging (because of all y’all’s bullshit) while in the cliffs of Ireland. She told Bear:

“I think there’s a pressure to maintain [your looks], not just because of fame, but just, you know, being a woman in this business. Getting older has not been…I don’t think it’s the easiest thing.”

Yeah, the slow march toward death sucks a lot more when people want to rail on you for aging like it’s not gonna happen to their salty asses.

But I have learned lessons. You know, I think I was trying to keep up with getting older, trying to chase that…you know, it’s something you can’t keep up with. So, the more you relax into it and the less I try…’cause sometimes you find yourself trying and then you look at a picture of yourself and go, ‘Oh, God.’ Like, you look horrible. I have done things that I regret, and luckily they’re things that dissolve and go away. So, um, that’s good, because it’s not always been my best look. So, now I just have a new motto: ‘Just let it be.’”

Turns out looking old as s**t is a better look than Mrs. Potatohead. Or Michael Jackson.

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