Did Katy Perry Just Register Some Song Titles Calling Out Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift might have dropped ‘Bad Blood’ to f**k with Katy Perry but it looks like Katy Perry is about to drop an entire diss album.

While everybody thinks that possible snake from the garden of eden Taylor Swift is laying low and biding her time with new bf Tom Hiddleston strapped to some kind of mind control machine, plotting a whole album about how she’s the most victimy victim ever, it looks like Katy Perry is getting mobilized to draw blood.

Check out these new song titles Katy has just registered. According to Celebitchy we’ve got doozies like: “Crocodile Tears”

Oh s**t. Oh damn. We’ve also got the very generically Katy Perry sounding: “Last Cry” and “Victory”

My favorite on the list, though? It’s definitely “She’s so creepy.”

Are you ready for the pop world to devolve into the cafeteria from a shitty 90’s high school movie about teenagers played by 45 years olds? Because I am.

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