Adrian Grenier Isn’t Any Ordinary Hot Guy, He’s a ‘Super’ Hot Guy!

Adrian Grenier is hot as f**k. I never got around to watching Entourage in full, but there is this one guy I f**k that seems to always have it on the tv. I do however watch A Devil Wears Prada every single time my friend spews Hathaway-hate and so I do consider myself well versed in my affections of that blue-eyed man.

But just because he’s beautiful doesn’t mean he should be allowed to talk. In fact, beautiful men should be forced to remain silent. You got your upper hand in life, don’t ruin it for yourself. But he did…

When invited to interview with NY Magazine, Grenier accepted where he should have declined. Asked a question I can only imagine was as simple as ‘what’s your job?’ Grenier went wild:

I’m a guy who cares about people. Acting is my day job, but at night, I get to be a superhero. There are superheroes, people who fly or have all these extraterrestrial powers or supernatural abilities. Everybody can be a superhero every day by doing very simple things. Change the world.

I’m so inspired. Adrian Grenier has motivated me to get out of bed today. I’m gonna go be a superhero.

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