Brad Pitt Did Not Like Angelina Jolie’s Humanitarian Ambitions

Oh so remember when Brad Pitt freaked out on that airplane and a marriage fell apart? Well, this just in: it all could have been prevented if Angelina had been a better wife! The creative types over at TMZ have this to share:

Brad became increasingly upset over Angelina’s political ambitions … we’re told her dream is to become the top UN official … she was never specific. Toward that end, we’re told she has 2 political advisers and a “war room” to help with decisions and image.

Humanitarianism has no place in the Jolie-Pitt household! Especially not of the dangerous variety:

Brad was especially upset that Angelina had taken the kids to various war-torn countries, including Lebanon and Iraq.

Imperialism is hella dangerous. Your image is not the right image! This is bad, Angie. You gotta stop, Angie! To that, Angie says bye.

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Daniel Asamota
Daniel Asamota
7 years ago

She ain’t too humanitarian. I saw a video where she was telling friends about the torture she endured to become a member of the illuminati. Now it’s on youtube so don’t bother me.