Ke$ha and Taylor Swift Are Coming at You With a ‘F**k Off’ Song

We may have known that Taylor Swift has been destined to get back into the studio the moment her relationship went to s**t, but we sure as hell didn’t see her having company. Taylor, who is not exactly known for her successful collaborative efforts, could very well be in the studio with Ke$ha as we speak.

When Ke$ha took to Instagram for a cryptic announcement, we all kinda knew who she’d been talking about.

Besides, with Taylor’s image so in danger, she needs to do some charity. A song with rape-survivor Ke$ha is great for Taylor’s ‘I love you as long as you’re a rich white chick’ brand. A song with rape-survivor Ke$ha could bring both parties mad money and renewed visibility.

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7 years ago

Good. Two liars joining forces.